Dance and arts help us connect, relieve stress, and have fun! Our faculty members are currently holding virtual lessons for our students to stay engaged with ballet, cardio workout, yoga stretch, arts, and painting while they are home. You are most welcome to take the online class with your loves and family.

HVDC online course has 14 classes in a week to choose. We would love to maintain smaller class size , students could connect with each other and their instructors via webcam while getting some class time and individual corrections.


single class: $14 (valid until 4/11)

5 class pass: $50 for one month (3/25-4/25)

Two weeks unlimited: $100 family plan (3/25-4/11)

Private/small class 2-3 students by contact

Register now:

Ballet class- Baby class, beginner class and intermediate to advanced level from 3/14-3/24

Cardio workout and yoga stretch from 3/14-3/24

Arts class- baby and beginner classes from 3/14-3/24

Private ballet class (Schedule a private lesson in all levels by contact:

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