Liza plays a crucial role in introducing traditional Chinese dance culture to the local community. Liza was the executive director of the Chinese Culture Night of State College PA in 2015 and 2017, a theatrical production aiming to promote traditional Chinese culture. Liza's choreography is always invited to perform in different festivals and events.

Chinese Culture Night at State College PA

Mid-autumn festival, spring gala and other performances

The apsaras 繁弦妙引

The blossom 越女吟

Misty memory 風酥雨憶

The Chinese opera dance 百花爭妍

Tao Yao 桃夭

The Chinese Opera dance 俏花旦

The snakes 青蛇與白蛇

Jasmine flower 茉莉花

Spin Spin Spin 旋旋旋

The heaven realm 繾綣敦煌

Monkeys 靈猴戲桃

The moon fairy & bunnies 月下兔影

Piggy dance 金豬報喜

My fair princess 格格吉祥

Lotus love 愛蓮說

Chopsticks dance 歡筷

Dreamy cloud walk


Against all odds


Ethnic dance medley


Eisenhower auditorium