Journey to the West

This dance drama brings the epic story of Journey to the West on stage. Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of the Chinese literature. This beloved mythological tale was adapted from the true story of a monk’s pilgrimage to the Western Paradise, now known as India, during the Tang Dynasty. The story combines action, humor, and moral values in depicting how the Tang monk (Tang Sanzang) and his three disciples, Monkey King (Sun Wukong), Pigsy (Zhu Bajie) and Friar Sand (Sha Wujing), overcame countless obstacles and challenges to bring home sacred scriptures from India. During their journey, they encountered many battles with flesh-eating monsters ogres, and other mythical characters as they braced themselves through the Flaming Mountain and other calamities in the wilderness. Journey to the West is a beloved household mythological tale in Asia. Its many tales about surpassing oneself and overcoming difficulties have always been a positive influence on people of all ages.

Poster designed by Julia Ma

Photos credit to Sam Seidel, Studio4Sixteen and Zhiyong Guo.