Happy Valley Dance Conservatory offers Ballet & classical Chinese dance class from ages 4 to adult.

Level 1-3: This course focuses on the curvilinear designs of dance technique and its inextricable connection to musicality and motion. Starting from barre and building to center work at a pace for young dancers to the basics.

Level 4: For dancers who have taken Level 1-3 or have some prior dance experience, this level will focus on building upon the basic designs of dance technique, learning more complex phrases of movement, and musicality. The class is by audition.

Level 5: Focusing on developing advanced, integrated coordinative skills and dynamics, this level fosters a more diverse vocabulary for dancing in the spirit of rigor, curiosity and individual artistry. The class is by audition.

Adult class: Classes will focus on building upon the basic arm and leg positions, including good posture and correct placement. Students will progress at barre and then move to centre, learning the foundations of dance class needed .

Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLeLbdgB4-_dZD4F8XRFPzQ/playlists?view_as=subscriber

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